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For one year we travelled with a Dinosaur from Switzerland to Iran - doing what we love, challenging ourselves, meeting locals, learning more about filming and acting, Dino is always out of place and time, he feels discomfort, he searches connections. We observe how his precence engages people in unexpected ways. Eveyone reacts according to their own circumstances.


We are often asked if there is a difference in the reaction between the countries. No, there is not. We meet old people making grimasses, teenagers who see the world through screens, kids being afraid or overjoyed. Some people are simply confused, some are grateful or inspired, some start laughing, some ignore Dino, some are touched to tears. We could say that we simply go around with some air framed by bamboo sticks. We love opening up the inbetweens. The moments of encounter create new realities. Dino reminds us that once in a while we can let go of what we take for granted. What you can see in the Dino is a mirror reflecting back to you.


Dino is now sleeping, but not extinct at all... It's an ongoing project and will evolve on...

Ayla Zacek, Daniel Korber & Dino

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